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Red bell pepper по выгодным ценам
Dried vegetables
Red bell pepper
Red bell pepper (it also calls Paprika) is an excellent choice for those who like acute tastes, but are not yet ready to try chili. Spicy, slightly piquant taste of paprika will give dishes a touch of astringency and reveal the taste of all the ingredients in a new way.
There are many varieties of paprika, but the most popular one is red. Sweetish-piquant, very fragrant red paprika is a true record holder in terms of content of vitamin C; it contains even more vitamin, than lemons do! In addition, it helps to thin the blood and improves functioning of the digestive system.
Paprika is an indispensable ingredient in a variety of recipes. It is added in soups, salads, various canned foods and, of course, meat and fish dishes.
It should be noted that gentle drying preserves all the benefits and taste of the vegetable. Therefore, the dried paprika is so popular. None food production facility and no home kitchen can dispense with this seasoning.
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