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Parsley по выгодным ценам
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Dried herbs
Parsley is a vivid example of how a vegetable combines good taste and benefit. This unremarkable, at first glance, herb will add spice and delicacy to your dishes, and add the benefit to your health.
For its unique properties, parsley is appreciated not only by culinary specialists, but also by doctors all over the world. Because it is a champion in the content of vitamins A and C, and also promotes the rejuvenation of the body, stimulates metabolic processes and even improves potency.
Parsley is one of the most popular herbs. Salads, soups, side dishes, meat and fish dishes, sauces, marinades and even desserts - the list of recipes in which the parsley is used, is endless.
However, it is not easy to find fresh parsley of high quality in the stores, especially in winter. Dried parsley will help to solve this problem: the best shoots of herbs are already carefully cut and carefully dried with preservation of all the useful properties. This is, probably, the perfect option for those who want to save time without compromising taste.
The form
  • Leaves
  • Individual cutting is possible
  • Packets