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4-5 mm
Dill по выгодным ценам
Dried herbs
Dill is a useful and tasty seasoning, familiar to everyone from the childhood. Spicy taste and tart aroma of dill cannot be confused with anything. In addition, it gives so many opportunities to cook for creativity!
They add dill to salads, soups, meat and fish dishes, use for vegetable marinades and canned food, and simply decorate the dishes on the festive table. Just one neat twig will bring a drop of festivity to your dishes.
However, the dill is so popular not only due to its versatility. It is also extremely useful. Thin green twigs are full of vitamins and trace nutrients useful to our body: A, B, C, nicotinic and folic acids, calcium, potassium, iron, and phosphorus.
Dill is an undemanding plant, it feels good even in a flowerpot on the windowsill. But why such difficulties? After all, you can just buy dried dill. It retains all the benefits of fresh one, while using it is just a pleasure, and no extra efforts!

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