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Dried fruits and berries
Samfruit offers a wide range of varieties and types of its own-produced dried cherries.

Cherry has been a guest of honor on our tables for more than 10 thousand years. Since then, many varieties of this berry have appeared, but the pleasant sweet and sour taste has remained almost unchanged.
Vitamins E, C, PP, and folic acid are perfectly combined in the cherries with magnesium, cobalt and iron. This unique complex of useful substances helps to strengthen the blood vessels, prevents development of anemia and improves the body’s immune resistance.
All vitamins and medicinal properties of fresh cherries are preserved and even multiplied in carefully dried berries. Thus, year round you will have on your table all these delicious and healthy dishes made of cherry: compotes, a variety of baked products and desserts.
The form
  • Pieces
  • Individual cutting is possible
  • Carton Boxes