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Apricot по выгодным ценам
Dried fruits and berries
Apricot has been pleasing its admirers already for three thousand years. Alexander the Great liked to enjoy these sweet fruits. Furthermore,dried apricots were among the main export goods of Ancient Persia.
It is widely thought that apricot is a southern relative of the plum, which prefers a warmer climate, therefore, this fruit is usually sweeter, and its flesh is denser. Apricot is in no way inferior to other fruits and even vegetables in the content of useful nutrients. For example, it can compete with carrots in concentration of vitamin A, necessary to maintain healthy eyesight.In addition, apricot is rich in potassium, which strengthens the blood vessels and helps the heartin itswork.
Dried apricots are among the most popular dried fruits. Depending on the method of processing, several types of dried fruits are distinguished: dried apricots, dried pitted and halved apricots, kaisa and others. But all of them are united by a unique taste - sweeter than honey, and the incredible benefits of fresh apricots, carefully preserved during drying.
Samfruit carefully selects the best varieties of apricots to annually harvest the most juicy, fragrant and valuable fruits to turn them, after drying, into a unique oriental delicacy or an integral component of hundreds of desserts and dishes to be produced by our wholesale customers.
The form
  • Halves
  • Individual cutting is possible
  • Carton Boxes